HR Best Practices in Hiring Veterans by Ray Jefferson

Let me share three things about the HR best practices for hiring veterans.

First, there are actually some companies whose focus and expertise are training other organizations in the HR best practices for Veterans.  So, one organization which I saw here at SHRM is called “The Value of a Veteran.”  This organization specifically helps employers identify where to find Veterans, how to translate their resumes, how to onboard them, and how to make sure that they’re retained as long-lasting employees. So, one thing that employers can do is to partner and engage with – learn from – companies who have expertise this particular area.

A second best practice is creating affinity groups (this is not rocket science, yet the basics can be very helpful).  Consider having an affinity group of Veterans that meets on a regular basis in your organization.  Meetings could be either once a month in person if your organizational structure supports that, in an online community of practice, or just as an online affinity group.  An important aspect of affinity groups is to have some way that new Veterans coming into the organization can meet and connect with Veterans who are already there and who are succeeding.

Finally, a third best practice is mentoring.  We all know about the value of mentoring programs that involve partnering someone with a mentor.  In this type of program, it’s important to ensure that chemistry exists between the Veteran and his or her mentor.  Affinity groups of this type also help a Veteran on-board and assimilate into an organization as well as find other mentors.