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Raymond Jeffferson Speaking


Ray believes that the spoken word has the power to inspire people, teams and organizations to achieve their potential, overcome challenges, transform situations and realize their aspirations.


Leadership Development

From one-day seminars to long-term programs, Ray works with teams and organizations in all sectors to develop their leaders, achieve desired outcomes and attain extraordinary results.


Asia Product Supply – Footwear & Equipment

"We were looking for a way to address the team dynamics in a largely newly formed team. I was very impressed by Ray's ability to create a trust level within the group in shortest time. The result was a workshop that not only helped the team members understand each other but also find new ways of working with each other. I'm very confident that the results of the workshop will help bring the team to an even higher performance level, and I can highly recommend Ray for anyone looking into creating a high-performing team."

Interlink Telecom Company

Interlink Telecom

“My experience with Ray started when I reached out to him to conduct our YPO forum retreat in order to help us take ourselves to the next level, supercharge us and increase members’ take-home value. From the initial planning to the actual program and the follow-up afterwards, the passion, energy, and thoughtfulness that he devoted was incredible and felt by all the members. His attention to detail and commitment to giving us an amazing experience made the planning process smooth and gave the forum members our best retreat ever. He also taught us many techniques that we can use to improve both our work and personal lives, our energy and our productivity. Our time with him has provided us with a lasting impact that we’re taking into the future and taught us ways to be more effective and live lives that are fuller, more satisfying and inspiring. Thank you Ray!!!”

Managing Director
bb retail capital

BBRC International

"Ray is an inspiring and powerful communicator, who possesses an innate ability to unlock new horizons in our perspectives with clarity. Both Vanessa and I thoroughly enjoyed the retreat, which was conducted with professionalism intertwined with a personal touch. We came away from the retreat feeling refreshed and rejuvenated. I highly recommend Ray as one of the finest experts I have had the opportunity to engage with.”

maddock douglas

Maddock Douglas

“Ray Jefferson’s story is inspirational and instructive. His captivating message was a highlight of the annual Gathering of Titan’s event at MIT and one of the highest rated in years. He came highly recommended and exceeded our expectations at every turn. BRAVO!”

harley davidson

Harley-Davidson Motor Cycles

“Ray led my extended team of 18 executives on a transformational two-day journey nothing short of amazing. His deep knowledge of team dynamics and unique ability to create an environment of safety and confidentiality allowed us to make major step changes in our team’s trust, intimacy and alignment‎. The impact could be felt immediately and the action items developed by the team with Ray’s guidance will sustain the change into the New Year. Ray is the best I have ever worked with and I look forward to working with him again. “

Managing Director, Harley-Davidson India
ron kaufman

Ron Kaufman

“Ray Jefferson is one of the most insightful and effective leadership development experts and facilitators I know. He has a personal story that is more inspiring and solid than you can possibly imagine, and a personality that oozes energy, commitment, integrity, empathy and an unbridled passion for living an extraordinary life. Put Ray in the room with a group and watch the magic happen. Put him in a room with very senior leaders, and watch magic unfold inside their organizations. Put him on stage in front of a large group and watch the whole room light up with electrifying inspiration, breakthrough ideas, and the motivation to take results-producing action. If you’re serious about transforming your team or organization, achieving your potential, or accomplishing an audacious undertaking, I recommend you meet him as soon as possible and learn how his exceptional skills and talents can help you become what you’re capable of.”



“There is a humanity in Ray’s leadership style that is infectious and difficult to resist. Combined with a strong intellect and, importantly, an interest in raising individuals and teams to their potential, I found someone who was instrumental in increasing the connectedness and ultimately, performance of the team. Easily one of the most extraordinary and distinguished leadership and team development experts I have worked with. I recommend him wholeheartedly.”

Executive Director for EMEA & Asia Pacific
sosi - 1

SOS International, LLC

"Six months later this Team of executives are sprinting through tasks with ease and confidence based in large measure by the foundation and techniques Ray provided.”

Vice President for Corporate Strategy


“In an ever interconnected world we need to be able to engage with people around us with clarity. Ray’s unique ability to bring the most divergent and diverse teams together–in the shortest period possible–is a testament to his own journey and experience that sets him apart from all others. He is a trainer, coach and mentor all rolled-into one and this integrative approach is critical in developing high-performing individuals and teams. In the field of Leadership Development Ray is in among the best I’ve engaged and definitely in the top 2%.”

Regional Director of Education, North & Southeast Asia
be the change

Be The Change

“Ray’s a tour de force whose strategic insight, energy and inquisitive awareness ignite the passion of organizations to be smarter, more agile, and better in an ever changing and challenging global landscape.”



“Ray Jefferson is an Inspirational transformational leader. He has the unique ability to listen and empathize without judging. Ray is an energetic resource who demonstrates his commitment to making a difference through courage and caring to those who engage him. His insight into human nature is unfathomable. Ray speaks from the head and heart and is not afraid to show others how to do the same.”


Harvard University

“Ray captivated the audience with the story of his own journey and story of remarkable achievement in the face of daunting adversity while at the same time remaining humble and self-effacing.”

Senior Associate Dean and Director of Degree Programs

Thailand Chapter Young Presidents’ Organization Inc. (YPO Thailand)

"We recently had our YPO Thailand Chapter Retreat where Ray joined us to lead our leaders through workshop sessions we arranged over the 2 days… We had nearly 30 members in attendance and there were a lot of skeptics who wondered if it would be possible to achieve results in such a short time. We were all totally impressed and inspired…"

Education Chair 2014-15
Tennis Australia

Tennis Australia

“Our executive and leadership teams continue to benefit immensely from Ray’s program and his teachings. We were looking for something different and with a leadership development focus. And Ray certainly delivered. His style is unique and his story is truly inspirational. He knows how to develop effective teams and accelerate their performance. We benefited so much from the experience that we have had Ray return every year to work with us since then. I would highly recommend Ray to anyone who desires improved performance, team cohesiveness, greater productivity, effective leadership and people development. Ray is a superstar.”

Tennis Australia

Tennis Australia

“Ray’s ability to connect and communicate clearly, compassionately and strategically led me on a great 3 day journey. While the information was transformative, the tools and skills Ray made me aware of will allow me to be much more effective and efficient while dealing with so many of life’s challenges. This was more than a leadership workshop, this was a life workshop, & anyone who has the opportunity to hear Ray’s words & experience Ray’s ways will be transformed.”

Consultant to Tennis Australia

YPO Indonesia

"We had the privilege of having Ray as our facilitator to conduct a leadership and team development program for the YPO Indonesia chapter’s executive committee. We were looking for a very special and talented person. Ray provided the best such program that I’ve personally experienced and provided a great start to my journey of leading the high-achieving YPOers who serve in the executive committee. Ray has made my job so much easier by energizing the team, further inspiring us for our purpose and making the bond between us even stronger. He had us fully engaged for the whole day and feeling energized at the end of the program. Our time with him had long-lasting benefits. He is AMAZING, and I recommend him wholeheartedly!"

Chapter Chair 2014-2015

Century Link

"Ray is a very experienced and effective facilitator, one of the best I’ve had the pleasure of working with in my career. His passion, energy and ability to engage people was immediately evident when he broke the ice with ease and created an aura of sincerity and trust for our APAC Leadership team, comprising of 17 executives from diverse cultures. He created the synergy and provided the platform for us to have open, effective and qualitative brainstorming session. Moreover, his program and approach were instrumental in helping us to achieve our annual goals and objectives. He is among the very best and we look forward to engaging his services again when the opportunity arises."

Managing Director

YPO Singapore

“The YPO Board had the pleasure of Ray Jefferson (YPO Singapore) conducting a leader development program for us and it was truly outstanding. Ray brings an extraordinary combination of passion, credibility, expertise, intuition and servant leadership that is inspiring and refreshing. He quickly connected with the Board Members and created an environment that kept us engaged, and left us with take-home value that surpassed expectations. We learned relevant, immediately actionable knowledge, tools and practices that we began using immediately. Our time with Ray has resulted in us becoming more productive, effective and inspiring to ourselves. Moreover, he did a similar program for our spouses with equally outstanding results. If you’re seeking someone world-class to work with your forum, chapter or executive team, Ray will be an ideal choice and I think you’ll be pleased with the tremendous outcomes.”

2017-2018 Chairman

Central Pacific Bank

“Ray is a dynamic speaker and teacher on the topic of leadership development who enlightened our top management team at our recent annual Leadership Conference. His message received a standing ovation and his experiential workshop sessions were a much-lauded highlight of the day. With Ray’s refreshing approach to personal development, our entire team left the conference energized to apply the leadership skills he taught and bring them back to their teams. Ray truly has a gift of inspiring corporate leaders and creating lasting impact and outcomes.”

ypo-wpo - 1


Ray has a unique and natural style, he has empathy, understanding and amazing intuition, which enables him to be flexible to the needs of the group so the take home value becomes even greater.