Leadership Development

Ray provides leadership development and consulting services to teams, organizations and family businesses in a variety of areas, to include the following: 1) preparing them to accomplish audacious undertakings, 2) developing future generations of leaders, 3) building stronger, more effective teams and dealing with impediments to high team performance, and 4) creating more inspiring environments.

As a West Point graduate and former leader of elite Army Special Operations units as well as a Harvard MPA/MBA, a McKinsey & Company leadership consultant and an official in the Obama Administration, Ray has over 30 years of leadership experience.

While it’s widely recognized that talent is a key determinant of realizing organizational success, what’s less common is the ability to provide talent developmental programs with near-term impact that sustains itself over the long-term.  In both short and longer term customized leadership development engagements, Ray demonstrates this ability, which is attested to by client testimonials.  These programs range from transformational offsites to extended, organization-wide, global leadership and talent development initiatives.

Ray specializes in working with teams, organizations and family businesses in both Leader Development and Leadership Development.

  • Leader Development (Leading Oneself) – This involves gaining self-awareness, personal mastery, and cultivating the related knowledge, skills, abilities. The premise being that before we can lead others, we need to be able to lead ourselves.
  • Leadership Development (Leading Others) – This involves the process, activities and capacities related to building healthy and high-performing teams/organizations (e.g. building trust, unleashing the potential of talent, using conflict constructively, creating alignment and commitment, achieving results, etc.).


One size does not fit all when it comes to leadership. Every organization faces unique challenges and opportunities, and for that reason benefits most from a customized approach to leadership development. This first involves a deliberate diagnosis of the context to clearly understand the client’s situation and needs.  Then, carefully designing a made-to-order solution that will exceed expectations and produce the desired outcomes.

These leadership development programs achieve desired, lasting outcomes through creating a supportive learning environment that incorporates the adult learning principles of relevancy, action learning, and stretch experiences.  This approach is equally effective whether a client requires an intensive offsite to create a rapid shift in attitudes, mindsets or behaviors, or a longer, more sustained transformational journey.