Are you striving to accomplish an audacious undertaking, effect a revolutionary change in your organization, reverse a trend, create a new entity or make a fundamental shift in your culture? To do something you haven’t done before? Ray Jefferson and his team will help you succeed.

Is developing talent your focus? Has your company failed to reap returns on emerging market opportunities or suffered from low growth because you were lacking quality leaders to manage operations? You are not alone. Many global organizations have found themselves underperforming in growth markets or have problems identifying innovative leadership talent, which has resulted in an inability to respond to market changes, and low return on investment. While it’s widely recognized that talent is a key determinant in organizational success, what’s less recognized is the process for developing it.

A West Point graduate and former Special Operation Army officer, Harvard-trained MBA and MPA, and McKinsey Leadership Consultant with over twenty years of leadership experience, Ray and his team provides strategic leadership consulting services to senior executives and boards who need to develop an inspiring vision, effective strategy and successful execution plan for improving and developing leadership talent.

Ray and his team specialize in helping senior leadership and board members in the following areas:

  • Transformational Offsites
  • Leading Oneself (Mental Peak Performance, Developing One’s Legacy, Goal Setting, Discovering One’s Values, Trust, Personal Mastery, Public Speaking, Mindfulness, Resiliency and Rejuvenation)
  • Leading Others and Creating High-Performing Teams, Top Teams and Boards (Top Team Alignment, Issues Clearing, Inspirational Leadership, Developing Trust, Conflict Resolution, Performance Management, Developing Authentic Community,)
  • Organization-wide, Long-Term, Large-Scale Global Leadership and Talent Development (Capability Building, Cultural Change, Performance Management)